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Magnolia - Ośrodek rehabilitacyjno-rekreacyjny


Rezerwacja On-Line
Rezerwacja On-Line


We offer an exguisite Piacetto coffee which we brew in many ways: classic espresso, cafe creme, cafe latte, latte macchiato, iced coffee and, of course, cappuccino.

With the coffee we offer home-made cakes and desserts. We also offer white and red wines, vodka, brandy, whisky, liquers and meeds.

Dining Room


Breakfasts and supper are served as buffets and dinners are served to the table. 

There is also an option of diets: diabetics, low calories, vegetarian or cleansing. 

Children can be served half portions. 

Price list for additional meals:
Breakfast            – 15 PLN
Dinner                – 20 PLN
Supper               – 15 PLN