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Spa Kolobrzeg

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Kołobrzeg is a Hansa city with over one thousand years of tradition. Many times destroyed in the course of centuries, Kolobrzeg has only a few historic buildings, which have been rebuilt or reconstructed. The most important ones are the City Hall, the Cathedral, medieval Town House which now is the seat of the Military Museum and the Powder Tower.

For over 200 years is Kolobrzeg known as a Spa. Located at the Baltic Sea and on both banks of the Parseta River, Kolobrzeg offers to the guests sandy beaches with beautiful streches of dunes and a significant number of sunny days per year. Natural remedies of Kolobrzeg are  peat, brine and a special Microclimate. Respiratory, circulatory and skin diseases, as well as rheumatism and diabetes are treated here.

In the summer many cultural, sport and entertainment events take place. To the most famous belong Herbertiada, Interfolk, Jarmark Solny and Sunrise Festival.